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The Friends of India Association is a secular organization whose mission is to bring members of the Indian sub-continent in Arkansas together and serve their cultural, social and political needs.

Jhalkiyan-Glimpse of India
Friends of India of Central Arkansas's year-end party

Entertainment and Dinner- Free for 2015 Members and New 2016 members!

 Jan 30, 2016
Stella Boyle auditorium at 5:30 PM

Table Tennis tournament was held on December 5th, 2015.

Thanks to Pramod Nelluri, Mike Lauro, and Manju Mugimane for organizing the event.

Thanks to all the players for their participation.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Results - Open Singles
Open Singles - Division A
                   Overall Champion: Parimal Nilangekar

Runner Up:Kedar Jambhekar

3rd Place: Siva Soora

Open Singles - Division B

1st Place: Mugimane Manju

2nd Place: Louis Vance

3rd Place: Suresh Kannan

Open Singles - Division C

 1st Place: Kitt Oudthone

2nd Place: Pramod Nelluri

3rd Place: Ammar A.

Event Results - Women's Singles

Women's Singles - Division A

1st Place: Megha Nelluri

2nd Place: Neelima

3rd Place: Saranya

Event Results - Novice Singles

Novice Singles - Division A

Overall Champion: Sashi Kona

Runner Up: Vishy

3rd Place: Joe Chacko

Novice Singles - Division B

1st Place: Nishav Mainali

2nd Place: Marty Duvall

3rd Place: Krishna C.

Novice Singles - Division C

1st Place:  Krishna P.

2nd Place: Austyn Briggs

3rd Place: Aaron Briggs

Event Results - Open Doubles

Champions:  Siva Soora & Kedar Jambhekar

2nd Place: Louis Vance & Pramod Nelluri

  3rd Place: Parimal Nilangekar & Suresh Kannan

Tennis Tournament Results

Men's  Singles

Champion- Joe Chacko
Runner-up - Bhu Makan

Men's Doubles

Champion - Anand Chandrasekaran and Shashwat Goyal

Runner-up - Dinesh Mittal and Debasis Das

Women's Singles

Champion -  Swathi Kovelamudi 
Runner-up - Neelima Rao

Mixed Doubles 

Champion - Krishna Chaitanya and Neelima Rao
Runner-up - Rajesh and Manisha Bhagat


Champion- Jayadeep Saravanan
Runner-up - Vignesh Saravanan


Champion- Sakshi Garg
Runner-up - Anya Rao

Badminton, Carom and Chess Tournament Results

Around 40 participants and 5 different clubs participated for the FOICA Sponsored tournament. 

Congratulations to the winners and runner ups !!!!! 

Thank you all the players for participating in the event!!!

Thank you Ranjan Mohapatra for organizing the tournament and Johnnie Chung for sponsoring $100 cash prize for the Men's Singles Winner👏💸!!!

Club Names: 
Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)
Forts Smith Badminton Club
St. Louis Badminton Club 
Fayetteville Badminton Club
Bentonville Badminton Club

Men’s Singles :
Bobby Douangpangna (Winner) Forts Smith Badminton Club
Ranjan Mohapatra (Runner Up) Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)

Mens Doubles :
James Meier/Sreekanth Peyyeti (Winner) From St. Louis Badminton Club 
Bobby Douangpangna/Cokie Minakhom (Runner Up) Forts Smith Badminton Club

Mixed Double:
Bobby Douangpangna/Valerie Sengmanivong (Winner) Forts Smith Badminton Club
Ranjan Mohapatra/Neena Deshpande (Runner Up) Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)

Mens Doubles 50 Yr+:
Johnnie Chung/Pramod Nelluri (Winner) Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)
Murali Gopalakrishnan/Rajesh Mehta (Runner Up) Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)

Under 18 Boys:
Royce Wang (Winner) Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)
Cokie Minakhom (Runner Up) Forts Smith Badminton Club

Men’s Consolation:
Sreekanth Peyyeti (Winner) St. Louis Badminton Club
Cody Phrachanpheng (Runner Up) Forts Smith Badminton Club

Women’s Singles:
Sangeetha Hebbar (Winner) Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)
Neelima Rao (Runner Up) Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)

Carrom & Chess
Open Carrom :
Gokul Naidu (Winner)
Navin Shah (Runner Up)

Men’s Open Chess :
Ravi Nahata (Winner)
Ravi Guribelli (Runner Up) 

Junior Chess :
Manu Guribelli (Winner)
Kartik Joshi (Runner Up)

Independence Day Celebrations

Color of Rhythm

We had a very successful fun filled Family cricket tournament at Burns park on Sunday the 26th April 2015. Here are the winners. Everybody is a winner in one way or the other. It was competitive as well as family fun on a beautiful sunny day.

First Place: Main Khilari Tu Anari: Captain Rajesh Bhagat
Second Place: Little Rock IX: Captain Ranjan Mohapatra
Third Place: Little Rock Rockers: Captain Naveen Jain
Fourth Place: Little Rock Blues: Captain Debasis Das

Best Batsman: Rajesh Bhagat
Best Batswoman: Neelima Arvind

Fair Play Award : Little Rock Blues; for allowing all the women/girls to bat and bowl

Cricket Pictures

  • Winner
  • Runner-up
  • Best Batsman
    Best Batsman
  • Best Batswoman
    Best Batswoman
  • Fair Play Award Winner
    Fair Play Award Winner


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